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The True Promise and Potential of Aging

Live a happy, fulfilled life at any age

Aging has its challenges, of course, especially in these troubled times. But I've discovered in my own life (I'm 79) that aging is actually a door to increased happiness and wellbeing -- not less.

It is an opportunity to experience firsthand the beautiful reality that while your body may age, your unconquerable spirit does not age.

The secrets of well-being 

My name is Christopher Foster and I was born in London, England. I began my working life as a junior reporter on a South London newspaper. I'm a blogger, author of 5 books, and a spiritual and writing coach. One of my books, an animal fable entitled "The Raven Who Spoke With God," has been translated into 11 foreign language editions.

I’ve coached many people to be healthy, fit, productive, and peaceful at any stage of life. So many people have asked me to reveal my personal secrets of well being that I decided to create a course that will help you discover the extraordinary promise and potential of aging.

Mary Jaksch, well-known blogger and co-founder of the A-List Blogger Club with Leo Babauta, has taken a special interest in this course, contributing two great articles and sharing her expertise freely to help make the course as effective and helpful to you as possible.

Here’s what Tess Marshall of The Bold Life says:

" Christopher Foster is one of the few people I know that has discovered passion, meaning and happiness in growing older. His ecourse is filled with profound wisdom. Even Deepak Chopra's wisdom on aging doesn't compare with his. I'm dead serious. In his 4 week course join him as he shares his hope, habits, insights and wisdom. “How to look (and feel) 10 years younger” will help you move forward with much more optimism as you learn to redefine what aging means.” -- Tess Marshall, TheBoldLife.com

Here is how this course will help you:

1. How to find true bliss

2. How to discover new possibilities no matter what age you are.

3. How to overcome the challenges of aging

4. How to find new meaning and happiness

5. How to make wisdom your ally

6. How to be fit at any age.

7. How to look as young as you feel.

Says my friend Steve Aitchison, of Change Your Thoughts, about this course:

"I first met Christopher when he was aged 77, and mistakenly thought he was aged around 60 years due to his passion, vigor and joy for life; we have been friends ever since.  His wisdom is not of this world and each word he writes is like a tugging at the spiritual heart. “The True Promise of Aging” is a course for the mind, body and spirit. It will change your thinking about aging, and reconnect you with the power that is inside. This is a course for everyone to enjoy whether you are 21 or 91." – Steve Aitchison

8 steps to The True Promise of Aging:

There are 8 steps to this unique course. Here is a sample of what you will enjoy.

1. Change Your Mind About Aging

2. Aging – the Secret to Happiness

3. How to Deal with Difficult Feelings (and Find True Bliss)

4. Make Wisdom Your Ally

5. The Free Facelift, or How to Look as Young as You Feel (by Mary Jaksch)

I’m proud to share this testimonial from Mary Jaksch, author of Good Life Zen and co-founder of The A-List Blogger Club.

“Christopher Foster is a beacon of hope for many people. He is an Elder in the true sense of the word: someone who can show how to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. I've seen - close-up - that Christopher is always willing to learn new skills and develop his capabilities. I think he exemplifies a new paradigm of aging: that we can create a fulfilling, active, and happy life, no matter where we are on life's journey. His course is ground-breaking, and you will emerge from it with new insights, and a new zest for life.”—Mary Jaksch.

I invite you to sign up NOW for this extraordinary course, complete with workbook, at the specially reduced rate of $17. It's a self-study course that you can go through anytime at your own pace.

Says Jonathan Mead, of Illuminated Mind:

"Everything Chris puts out is of phenomenal quality and I know this course will be no different. If you can get a chance to work with him, grab it, and be prepared for transformation."— Jonathan Mead.

Here is what you will receive with your purchase:

  • One full course of 8 modules  complete with  downloadable PDFs
    Includes: Workbook
  • Regular price: $27. Now for only $17 (limited time only)