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The Raven Who Spoke With God

The Raven Who Spoke With God is the charming story of a sensitive, passionate young raven named Joshua, and his search for truth. It is also an invitation to serenity and joy.

When he sees his family and friends killed in a massacre, Joshua is overcome with despair and fear. However, as we follow his adventures in this inspiring fable, we realize that the answer to our difficulties is never far away, but is found in the quietness of our own heart.

With clear, engaging prose, Christopher Foster paints a vivid picture of the oneness of life as Joshua follows his destiny. Step by step he restores the honor of the Raven and becomes a friend and ally to humankind, as it was in ancient times.

The book has received great reviews from many newspapers and magazines. Please see below for reviews of  The Raven Who Spoke With God

“It soars… this is no ordinary bird, and no ordinary book.”—Sunday Oklahoman.

“The writing is lyrical and the story is inspirational and uplifting.”—Jean Peerenboom, Green Bay Press-Gazette, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

“A fun book that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.”—Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, Mississippi.

“It reminded me of a JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL IN THE ROCKIES.”—Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews (BookSense recommendation)

“Highly, highly recommended.”--The Daily Times, Farmington, New Mexico.

“Buoyant as the air through which the birds soar, the story lifts the heart and carries it, dancing lightly, all the way through to the end. You will instantly think of ten friends to whom this book must be lent.”—NAPRA ReView

“I hope the book finds a wide audience, as it teaches so beautifully so many important lessons that have been lost on us in our busy and troubled times.”—Joseph Girzone, author, the Joshua novels

“A superbly written inspirational novel.”—Midwest Book Review

“An incredible story so full of adventure and emotion that you cannot finish it without a gasp of joy.”—Innerchange magazine

“Christopher Foster has paid a wonderful tribute to our feathered friends.”—Angeles Arrien, author, The Four-Fold Way

“This is one of those books that can serve both as a children’s book and an adult book (in the same vein as The Little Prince and Jonathan Livingston Seagull).”—Inner Self magazine.

“A story that you’ll want to share with those you love, and maybe those who still search. A delicious fable.”—Audrey DeLaMartre, The Phoenix.

“A wonderful fable, very well written and filled with love and wisdom.”—Robert Gerzon, author, Finding Serenity in the Age of Anxiety..

“The story was a process, a gift and a sweet journey. May it touch the hearts of millions.”—Tom Morin, Seeds of a New Humanity.

“It’s been a long time since a book made me weep with joy, and The Raven Who Spoke With God was the book that broke the dam. This beautiful, uplifting fable about a raven in search of his purpose is one of those rare gems that get passed along from friend to friend, loved one to loved one…it crosses all borders of race, religion, belief and ideology and just weaves a sweet and profound tale of love, of hope and of trusting in ourselves and in the Universe.”—Marie D. Jones, Curled Up With A Good Book.

“The book brings a little peace in a difficult time.”--Margaret Wallace, former Education Director, Denver Botanical Garden.

“This is a wonderful book—well written, insightful and inspiring—that will engage adults as well as children.”—Alaska Wellness magazine.

“A gentle book that offers the reader joy and tranquility in these times of busyness and unrest. “—Hanh Nguyen, Book Review Club.com