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How to make your life soar

Sometimes I see books promising a happy, abundant life that seem kind of complicated to me. As we move into 2012 I offer a recipe for a happy life that is simple and straightforward — but which I guarantee works. I know it works because I’ve proven it in my own life, and I’ve seen its results in […]

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The 7 gifts of a loving universe

Do you believe in omens? I do, up to a point anyway. I had just finished breakfast and decided it was time to go to work in my little office. As I got up from my chair I looked out the window and saw a beautiful little bunny sitting in front of the blue spruce […]

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What’s YOUR most memorable hug?

I was wandering around the living room this morning — not long out of bed — probably looking a bit lost — when JoAnn sang out, “You look like a man looking for a hug.” What a brilliant lady she is. Of course. That was exactly what I was looking for — I just hadn’t […]

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Water and truth — how much you are needed

Six-year-old’s campaign is helping bring good water to poor communities all over the world. But there’s a need for truth in the world too.

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How can you and I help America?

Getting upset with people like Rush Limbaugh simply makes them stronger. The one thing that will help America and keep ourselves sane is exhibiting a calm, steadfast quality of character that does not resist change, but welcomes it, and invokes compassion, not bigotry and hate.

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