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Free ebook on happiness and inner peace

Free eBook - The Wisdom of Serenity

Do you long for authentic happiness and inner peace?

We all do, of course. But where do these cherished blessings come from?

What do we have to do to find them? How can we make them real in our lives?

The evening I found true peace

Once, when I was a young fellow newly arrived in Victoria, British Columbia (BC), from England, I went for a cruise in a small sailboat I had bought. The first day started out pleasantly, but in the afternoon a storm blew up and I got banged about in strong winds.

The happiness and peace I felt when I finally found a sanctuary in a small cove as evening was falling was indescribable.

That's the happiness and peace I want to share with you in my new book.

I was the only boat in this magical lagoon I discovered through no cleverness of my own.

As I say, evening was beginning to fall, and a few stars were already peeping out as I ghosted with just a whisper of a breeze across the velvet surface of the water.

I felt enfolded in Love, and I knew my journey to BC in search of truth and freedom was not in vain.  I was happier and more at peace than at any time in my young life.

The Wisdom of Serenity will will be your own personal BC "cove" and sanctuary

Do you find yourself  banged about at times by this rapidly changing world and wonder what's the point of it all, or how you can meet the challenges of your life?

It's my hope that my little book, The Wisdom of Serenity: Reclaiming Authentic Happiness will be something like a BC “cove” for you.

A "sanctuary" where you can go and be reminded of the timeless happiness and peace that already exists at the core of your own being -- just waiting to be known in the stillness of your own heart.

Praise for The Wisdom of Serenity

“This is beautifully written. You have a talent, you are a great writer, I hope that you know that. The way you weave in your own experiences and stories and offer encouragement to others makes this sure to help people." -- Jonathan Mead, Illuminated Mind.Net

“Thank you so much for your ebook. I felt comforted by your wise words and I'm certain your ebook will bring a sense of peace to many people." -- Lori Franklin, Janebenimble.com

"You have done a beautiful job of presenting the 'simple truth' in the most economical way...subtle, sublime...along with personable narrative. The read has come at a perfect time. For example, your words helped me drift off to sleep last night at a time I was obsessing about work, meetings etc." -- John Grogan, PhD

"I can tell you put your heart and soul into this book. It is an absolutely impressive piece of work. Just reading it brings a lightness to my soul. The wisdom you share is accessible, down-to-earth, and overflows with clarity. I recommend reading it through, then starting again to savor the profound truths on each page." -- 

 Gail Brenner, AFlourishingLife.com

“Thanks for sharing the beautiful and eloquent contents of this little and powerful book. I trust this will be shared worldwide (isn’t that a marvelous use of the internet?) and be a blessing to untold numbers.” – Joelle.

“The ebook looks awesome. I think it will be a big hit.” – Larry Deane, Empty Cabin Media

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