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Aging into Bliss

Aging Into BlissWhat challenges do you face right now?

Whatever they are, you are sure to find inspiration, courage and spiritual comfort in my new book, Aging into Bliss. In 27 powerful meditations I share insights and realizations that helped me survive a series of wrenching personal calamities and discover – at the age of 80 -- the lasting happiness and peace that is our birthright.

Writing from my personal experience, I invite you to see the challenges of these difficult times -- including the rite of passage we call aging -- in a new light. They are a catalyst that can help you grow and discover the masterpiece that you truly are – your pristine, timeless nature unharmed and unhurt by any of the trauma of your life.

Here are some of the benefits my book will offer you:

1.  Help you experience greater peace as you realize that your true worth is not dependent upon outer circumstances.

2.  Help relieve the anxiety of these challenging times.

3.  Help you become more attuned to your inner wisdom.

4.  Help you realize more deeply that though your body ages, your spirit is ageless.

We live in such a remarkable time. Whatever our age, we have such a remarkable opportunity to awaken more fully to the boundless, beautiful truth at the core of our existence.

These are some samples of the contents of my book: "The Secret Bliss of Aging," "Changing Our Attitude Toward Fear," "Resilience Is Your Ally As You Age," and "You Can Heal Your Past."

And here are some testimonials from readers who have read Aging into Bliss. I honor you and send you blessings and love.

“Christopher Foster’s Aging into Bliss is a most uplifting book and ‘must read’ for all ages. He is an inspiration and his life and books are a testament to the fact that our spirit remains ever ageless.”—Angela Artemis, author, The Intuition Principle.

“Every once in a while an author and a book appears which inspires and transforms our understanding of ourselves at a heart and soul level. Christopher Foster is a wise expert on making others feel good about living – and aging -- with joy and grace. Aging into Bliss is a must read for anyone who looks in the mirror and dreads what they see!”Tess Marshall, CEO of The Bold Life and Courage Coaching.

“Aging into Bliss goes to the heart of the mystery surrounding life’s final developmental stage. In his introduction, Chris reveals key secrets to the joy and peace of mind that led him to the bliss he is discovering in his later years. He goes on to tell us exactly what his personal experience has taught him about the love within each one of us and the happiness that is hiding everywhere in plain sight. And he doesn’t stop there. He shares specific details about his personal path to profound inner wisdom – the wisdom he believes any of us may discover deep within.” Carol Leavenworth, Jungian psychotherapist.

“This is one of the most inspiring books to come my way. Christopher Foster is a beacon for all those who want to live a fulfilling and fruitful life – even at a mature age. This book will not only make your day, it will make your year.”Mary Jaksch, founder of Good Life Zen, co-founder, A-List Blogger Club.

"Are you aging? Then run, don't walk, to get this lovely book. At 80, Christopher Foster tells it like it is and so beautifully offers insights and practical suggestions to soften and sweeten the journey. This book is a rare blend of clarity and heart. Apply its timeless lessons, and you, like Christopher, will dwell in peace and fulfillment regardless of your age." -- Gail Brenner, Ph.D., founder, A Flourishing Life.

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