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A poem about freedom and hope

Ed’s note: I’ve always loved the wind, a love that was nurtured in me as a young man when I fell in love with sailing. In these times of divisiveness and fear, I’m hoping you will enjoy the following poem that I wrote during the Cold War years while living in a beautiful region of British Columbia called the Cariboo. It’s a poem about freedom and hope entitled, “One with the Wind.”

The wind that stirs in these dark Cariboo forests last week may have crossed the steppes of Asia and blown a girl’s scarf about her head in Moscow Square.

They do not check the wind at the border, where are you from, where are you going, what is your nationality, reason for visit. The wind moves as it will, impervious to bullets, impervious to walls–a symbol of  a dimension larger than man, a force that man cannot grasp, or contain, or make conform–the dimension of Spirit.

As the wind is at home anyplace, so my spirit is at home anyplace, and where my spirit meets your spirit, we are one, and the world doesn’t know anything about it, and the world doesn’t need to know anything about it….

But we know, and we sense the power of that union, and that these walls which man has made will not be around much longer, but the wind will blow forever.

I send you blessings and love and hope you have a very happy Festive Season.





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