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It’s time to pray for America

It’s time to pray for America.

No matter where you live, or what you believe or don’t believe, it’s time to pray that America rise above its divisiveness and prejudice, despair and hate, and re-affirm the compassion and courage that is the core quality of its people and of all people.

It’s time to pray that the sacrifices that so many people have made over the years, in America and all countries, to further the cause of freedom and fairness, progress and love, not be in vain.

Each person living in this great nation we call America is entitled to respect. Each is entitled to dignity and a place in the sun.

Something profound is occurring in the United States of America and in this world: Truth is coming to the surface and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

I’m talking about the true nature and character of each of us that longs to come forth more fully through us, that healing and forgiveness may occur and that love in all its magnificence and glory may blaze forth through us in greater intensity.

We are not helpless humans born to a brief life of misery and struggle. We are spiritual beings, immortal, proud and free, and each of us has an important gift to share. America, despite its faults, has always been, is, and must always be a beacon in this process.

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