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Both mortal and immortal are we

Perhaps, when we get into our 80’s, we’re allowed some idle musings once in a while. I hope the following comments will be helpful, or of interest, to you, but I realize there is never any guarantee this will be the case.

I love this life I have been given, that probably, in one way or another, is moving toward a point of transition. (I’d like to make it to 90, mind you, with JoAnn at my side all the way, of course.) I find, as years go by, that I am becoming more and more conscious of the wonder of life and the joy of “little moments.” I love people more than I ever did before. I love Nature. Saying ‘Hi’ to a server at Peet’s coffee shop, or looking out the window and seeing a bunny eating grass fills me with delight.

Challenges arise, of course. I’ll be having my annual CT scan next week—I’m a 3-year colon cancer survivor—and it’s not a lot of fun, I admit. At least, it hasn’t been much fun previously. Maybe I can change my attitude and enjoy it? I guess I’ll find out.

In general, being “Christopher Foster” for the past 84 years has been an exciting and fulfilling experience thus far, in spite of its tragedies and challenges.  But do I think that this particular life, with its fun, its adventure, its sorrows and joys, is the only adventure in which I have ever participated, or will participate? No, I don’t.

My body is aging, but my spirit is ageless, just like yours. My body will die, but my spirit is infinite, like yours, untouched and unharmed by any of the outer events of this human life. Who knows what new adventures or experiences my spirit, or your spirit, may participate in, or create, or manifest?

Neither you nor I could count how many grains of sand inhabit this earth. Even so, I don’t think we will ever be able to calculate, with our human mind, how many adventures we have experienced—in this realm or some other realm–nor how many more adventures are yet to come. To quote the words of an ancient Greek text: “I am a child of earth and starry heaven, but my real race is of heaven.’

I send you love and best wishes. If you have any thoughts on the above, please share. I’d love to hear from you.

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