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Listening to the Eternal

I’ve been listening to the Eternal since one evening long ago when for some reason I decided to go to a classical music concert at the Royal Festival Hall in London. I was 18 at the time, working as a junior reporter on a weekly newspaper called the South London Press.

The orchestra had worked its way through the program, and was finishing up the last number when without warning I experienced a shift in consciousness. One moment I was enjoying the music, the next moment I drifted into a kind of trance. I was scarcely aware of the music anymore, and the audience faded from my consciousness.

For a few blissful moments, I was wrapped in a sense of peace and happiness unlike anything I had ever experienced. It was a peace that was limitless and that enfolded every part of my being with its love.

As the music ended, and the applause died down, I looked around at the audience. I was wondering if they too had experienced some kind of deep, perhaps life-changing event, but they were all behaving quite normally, chatting with friends, picking up their coats.

As I joined the throng moving toward the exit I did my best to appear “normal” too. But I knew that something important had happened in my life and I would never be the same again.

I had heard the voice of the Eternal and I would do my best to listen to that voice no matter where it took me or what it asked of me.

Editor’s note: Please share if you have any thoughts on the above. With love and blessings.

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