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Seeing adversity in a new light

If you go to Amazon Books and type The Upside of Cancer into the search bar, you will see residing in all its glory an image of the front cover of my new book along with details about the book. The paperback version is $6.99. The Kindle book is $2.99. The sub-title is: How a Feared Illness Led Me to Courage, Wisdom and Inner Peace.

I’m so happy that my ‘baby’ has finally been born and that I have an opportunity to share with you and other kindred spirits wherever they may be what I feel is a very important message for our time.

If you and I are willing to see adversity in a new light, the afflictions that come to us in this life—cancer or any other–can be a door to a deeper experience of the courage and wisdom of our true nature. They can be a catalyst that helps us change and grow and become a new and happier person.

I’m happier now than I have ever been. As a mentor and friend once told me, “All things can be used to advantage.” Really, the words are true.

Please don’t get me wrong. I can’t say I’m grateful, exactly, that cancer decided to pay me a visit and interrupt my life so thoroughly and abruptly in the fall of 2013. Here I was, after all, living what I thought was a pleasant, mellow existence, at age 82, going for hikes, enjoying my visits to the gym and the coffee shop, wondering what my next book would be about and thinking how lucky I am to be married to JoAnn.

And yet although the diagnosis of colon cancer that I received in a phone call from my doctor following a routine colonoscopy hit me like a punch in the stomach, it has proved to be not without blessings.

Fear still arises. Other uncomfortable feelings still arise. But I have grown because of cancer and the fear that cancer evoked. Because of cancer, my consciousness has expanded, and I have become more conscious of the wonder and joy of life and the eternal peace that is always present in the core of our being.

Thus I had no choice really but to write a book about my experiences. If I can help other people face the fear of cancer or any other fear–any other adversity– with greater confidence and assurance what more could I wish for?

Surely we live in a time of great chaos and conflict, yet we also live in a time of tremendous promise when the longing for a deeper, more meaningful experience of life and of our own true nature is emerging in many people around the globe.

As always, I’d love to hear from you. I’d like to ask a favor, too, if I may: If you read my book and enjoy it, would you please help spread the word and also consider submitting a review to Amazon? Thank you so much. It would be a huge help. My love and blessings to you.

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