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What is prosperity?

Sometimes a complaint or two passes my lips, but fundamentally, I like getting older. And the reason is simple. The more time I am alive in this physical form my parents named Christopher, the more opportunity I have to grow, and change, and become more conscious of the wonder of creation and the freedom and joy of my true nature.

The more opportunity I have to realize, for example, as I move forward in my 80’s, how part of me is “temporary” but part of me is “permanent.” Part of me is human but part of me is spirit—a spiritual being dwelling outside time, forever undiminished and unchanged by the frustrations or joys of my human existence.

The more opportunity I have, also, to realize one of the most beautiful truths any of us could possibly experience: I am not “poor,” as I used to think. You are not “poor.” Prosperity is not “out there” somewhere. Wealth, in the truest, deepest sense, is not “out there.”

As I turn in love to the timeless reality of my being, and listen to the wisdom of eternal love in my heart, I realize more clearly every day that all the wealth and prosperity of the universe is already present in us. It is our true nature. It waits simply to be acknowledged and received. It waits simply to be given the freedom to roam in our thoughts and imagination, to be made real in our lives and in our affairs.

I am not poor. You are not poor. The seed of greatness is within us all, crying out to be expressed. It is God’s wish for each of us that we experience freedom and abundance at every level of our experience.

What were Ronald Reagan’s famous words at Berlin? “Bring down this wall.” Speaking for myself, it’s time to demolish my old, limited ideas and concepts surrounding prosperity and open my heart to the realization that I am already prosperous, just as you are already prosperous. All we need to do is to accept and express the prosperity that is our birthright.

My love to you and I’d love to hear any thoughts you may have about the above.


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