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Don’t fall for fear’s little trick

Just because you feel a ripple of fear move through you in the face of this circumstance or that doesn’t mean you are somehow unworthy. It doesn’t mean you are a coward. It doesn’t mean you have to chastise yourself.

This is one of fear’s favorite little tricks. He (if it is a he) enters your house of being—which is not in the least bit difficult, since fear hangs like a vile smog over every inhabitant of this planet – and then turns around with a smug smile and says to us: “Ah ha. Gotcha. You felt fear just now, didn’t you. Come on, admit it. How long have I been telling you you’re not worth anything?”

The good news is this. We are angels in human form, you and I. We are spiritual beings who clothed ourselves in a physical body to achieve certain purposes in the earth, to give our own unique gift in this unique corner of the cosmos.

Your essence, your eternal self knows nothing of fear.  The truth of you is love, ageless, inviolate, untouchable, shining like the sun each and every moment.

Don’t let fear succeed with its clever little sleight of hand.

Take a moment to get still. And then, in stillness, which is your natural environment, listen with your inner ear to the beautiful presence of eternal love emanating in and through you–your own true nature, just waiting to be expressed. It is the answer to all our woes and it is untouched by fear now and forever.

I wish you well and as always, would love to hear any thoughts you may have on the above.

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