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A timeless invitation for 2015

I send greetings and love as a New Year dawns and wish for you what I wish for myself — that you may be at peace and unafraid in the midst of whatever joys and perils lie ahead.

Is this possible? Is this actually possible in such unpredictable times?

It is possible, I believe, if I am willing to meet two essential requirements.

I must long with all the passion that is in me for a deeper experience of the peace and courage of my true nature and the love at the core of my being that casts out all fear.

And I must be willing to change, and change, and then change some more.

God — the eternal love at the core of our own being — is not mocking us or punishing us in these difficult times. Nor have we been deserted.

As 2015 dawns, life presents us with a timeless invitation: to be at peace and unafraid.

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