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Do you want to change your life?

“Stillness is the cornerstone of true character.”– Native American saying.

Do you want to change your life? Do you want to heal your life?

Make stillness your friend. In stillness is our solace. In stillness is the wisdom and courage we need to handle the tribulations and challenges of life. And in stillness we hear the subtle messages of Eternal Love that whisper in our heart day and night.

My wife, JoAnn, is very good at good at being still and listening to what spirit has to say about this or that. Some might call it intuition. She likes to call it listening to her “radar.”

The weeks immediately following my surgery for colon cancer in December 2013 were among the most challenging times of my life. My weight was down from 150 lbs to 133 lbs. when I left the hospital. I was weak as a kitten, worried if my bowels were going to work properly again, if I would be able to walk and go for hikes again – or if I would even survive the terrifying illness that had come upon me.

Enter my wife and her “radar.”

We like to sleep in separate rooms, so as to get the best sleep possible, but we always get together for a cuddle before we get up. So it was that, in the midst of this challenging period in my life, JoAnn came into my bedroom early one morning in an obviously radiant state of mind and said she had something important to share with me.

Before she went to sleep, she said, she had asked for help. She called out to the Universe, or God, or the Angels and said we needed help in handling the difficult situation we were in.

JoAnn then went on to tell me how she woke up suddenly at three oclock that morning with a profound sense of assurance that everything was going to work out very well for me and that I would come through my affliction just fine.

I have learned to trust my wife’s “radar” over the years. Her words of assurance to me that morning – the vision that she had had, and the obvious joy and relief that she herself was experiencing – moved me and uplifted me beyond words.

Perhaps that was the moment when the tide began to turn, so to speak, and I began to know in my heart that I truly was going to get well.

It is a wonderful gift, stillness. We all have an ability to “listen” to the wisdom of our heart.

There is no need to be frightened of stillness. Stillness is not an enemy where danger lurks. It is the celestial mansion wherein your true nature eternally abides.

Do you want to change your life? Do you feel as if something lacking in your experience or you have got off-track in some way? All you have to do is to be still, and listen.

Make stillness a practice. Make it your friend. For instance, make it a practice to take a few moments every now and again to sit in your favorite chair and count the breaths that pass gently into and out of your body. Breathe with your abdomen and count to ten – or if you wish, twenty. When you realize you have been distracted, and forgotten what the next number should be, simply make a note of what has distracted you and begin your count again.

Stillness is our natural state. It is the cornerstone of true character. It can change your life in an instant.

Love and blessings to you. If you have any thoughts on the above, please share.

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