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Thoughts from Heaven (2)

A moment of wonder

As I walked out onto our front porch this morning, my gaze was drawn to the Russian Olive tree that stands a little distance from our house on a small hill. A robin was singing at the top of this tree. It’s a rather scrawny tree in a way but birds love to sing at the end of a small branch that lances vertically upward above its peers toward the sky.

As I listened to this robin singing from his favorite perch I was overwhelmed by the wonder of the moment. The green verbiage of the tree shining in the sun. The deep blue of the Colorado sky. And the sweet notes of this solitary bird singing its heart out whether anyone was listening or not.

The world is in chaos wherever we look. People are killing each other right, left and center. It is easy to become so wrapped up in the suffering and pain that we forget the simple wonder of the moment. We think that Heaven is somewhere far away, if indeed it exists at all. But Heaven is closer than we could ever imagine. It is our true nature. It is love, and in its own good time it will have its way.

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