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Thoughts from Heaven (1)

A thought about thoughts

What to do with those negative thoughts that grab hold of you sometimes when you’re not looking and do their best to ruin your day or even your life? Some try to ignore them. Some try to change them. But really, who cares? You are an angel of light sent from Heaven with a unique gift to give in this little corner of the cosmos, and negative thoughts have no power over you whatsoever. All you have to do is hold them up to the light of your own radiance and they will shrivel to dust in an instant, if not sooner.

Let’s look at one of these little demons, shall we, just for fun, and hold it up to the light of truth together? How about this strange notion that you are of no more use once you reach a certain age? For Heaven’s sake, where did that idea come from? Does spirit grow old? Not in a million years. Not in a hundred million years. Your spirit is eternal. It is ageless.

So let’s toss that mangy, flea-ridden idea into the fire right now. Hell is where it belongs, but Heaven is where YOU belong. It’s where you will always belong — long after you have completed your present wondrous adventure in a fairytale planet — and long after earth itself has fulfilled its own mission.

Blessings and love to you.

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