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It’s time to be free

It’s time to be free.

You don’t have to disguise yourself any more. I don’t have to disguise myself any more.

Turns out a great secret is in process of being revealed in this time of blood and chaos.

We are being given the opportunity by a Universe of Love to acknowledge the truth that we are not mere mortals created of dust and to dust returning.

You are a pure, radiant Spirit with more power in your hip-pocket than you will ever know. I am a pure, radiant Spirit with more power in my hip-pocket than I will ever know.

We are quick to acknowledge our mortality, and that’s fine, nothing wrong with that.

But let us also acknowledge our immortality and be about the work we are here to do in this world. Let us let our light so shine that there is no one who does not feel its presence and no moment is so small or humdrum or filled with pain that it cannot be touched and healed with the power of our love.

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