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Listening to our own calm, steadfast spirit

We live in a time of great change. Confusion, conflict and fear seem to be on the increase everywhere. And yet paradoxically, something else is intensifying also – the call of our own calm, steadfast spirit, unchanged and unharmed by any of the events transpiring in us or around us.

Whether we face adversity in our own lives or see the images of adversity so graphically portrayed in news clips from the Middle East and elsewhere, it’s as if life is conspiring to help us become more conscious of the call of eternal love in our heart.

A rare responsibility and opportunity is being laid at our door.

What are we going to do, for example, when we see the video of a maimed child in a Gaza slum?

Will we simply do our best to ignore it and go on about our business? That is one possibility. After all, there’s obviously not much we can do in a direct sense to help.

Will we feel the pain and horror that we see on the video but be so troubled and overwhelmed by what we see that it becomes a burden in our own heart? That doesn’t really help anyone either.

No, there is another possibility.

We can acknowledge the truth that we are all one. We can acknowledge that the pain of anyone anywhere in the world is our pain. And then we can let the pain that we feel – in ourselves or in another — be the catalyst that reminds us of the calm, steadfast spirit that is in each of us and is the very source of the happiness and peace for which we long.

Do you want to bring greater value to your life?

Do you want your life to be truly meaningful and fulfilled?

All you you need to do is to listen to the call of spirit in your heart and it will transform your life – and the lives of others – in ways that will astound you.

I send love and greetings and would love to share your thoughts on the above.

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