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Our body is our best friend


Our body is our best friend. Let us listen to it. Be kind to it. Take care of it.

Whatever our age, and whatever our circumstances, our bodies are always doing their best, and they are doing their best now in these challenging times.

I’ve been home for two months now following surgery for colon cancer, and there’s no doubt – how could I not notice – that my physical form is showing its age. I used to take it for granted, but not anymore.

And yet while my body is diminishing, and becoming more vulnerable in various ways, something else is increasing – the gratitude I feel for this physical form that makes it possible for me to move, and act, and express myself in this world.

As I say, my body is my best friend. What adventures we have shared together and continue to share. How steadfast it has been. How loyal, and faithful.  It’s true that it can’t do some of the things it used to do, and new challenges seem to arise with each passing year.

But let me not blame my body for any of this.  It is as steadfast and loyal as it has ever been.

Moreover, although my body is winding down, new frontiers and opportunities continue to emerge because of this physical form, and I am grateful. So grateful.

I am becoming more conscious, for example, of an inner peace that does not change, and is always present, even when troubled feelings arise.

I appreciate friends – old and new — more deeply. I appreciate life’s simple moments more deeply..

My love for my wife grows with each passing day.  And though I cannot walk as fast as once was the case, and my right foot is troubling me at the moment, the joy I experience when I go for a walk is undiminished.

I have never seen a more beautiful sight than the large hawk that alighted on a branch of a cottonwood while I was out for a walk this morning.

Life can be challenging, of course. But let me not blame my body for any misfortunes that may arise. As I say, it is doing its best – just as your body is doing its best.

I send love and best wishes. If you have any thoughts you would like to share please write.

Picture credit: Noncommercial Some rights reserved by millerm217

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