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Thank God for “baby steps”

 baby steps

Thank God for “baby steps.”

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was diagnosed with colon cancer recently. I’ve been home from hospital for just over a month, and it has been a difficult, stressful time, without a doubt. The trick seems to be not to try to do too much, or you’ll be sorry, and yet not to do too little, because that doesn’t really work either.

The universe likes balance. Our bodies like balance. And true healing will only come as we discover what balance means in our own individual life and circumstance.

So although I am still physically weak and vulnerable, I’ve been learning that if I listen to the voice of spirit and take the baby step that opens before me in the moment, a path to healing does emerge.

For example, for a while, after I got home from hospital, JoAnn was doing all the work in the house. But then one day, after finishing breakfast, I thought to myself, I think I’m strong enough to do the dishes. So I did, and it was great being active again in that way.

We realized one day, my “caregiver” wife and I, that our little house REALLY needed a vacuum.

At first I thought, I’m not sure if I can manage that. But I did the hallway rugs, and that felt okay, and pretty soon we had the house shipshape again.

I wasn’t up to driving for a while. But then one day I knew in my bones, ‘It’s okay to drive again,’ and after a practice run in our immediate neighborhood off I went happily to my favorite coffee shop.

Step by step, normalcy has returned, or is returning.

I have a friend named Ron in Vancouver who is recovering from open heart surgery, and we were speaking on the phone about this eternal principle: finding the “middle way,” as I think the Chinese call it.

Ron set out for a walk, but he was walking at his usual pace and after only two or three minutes he began feeling a pain in his chest. He decided to keep walking but at a slower pace. Things settled down immediately and he walked for 40 minutes, which is more than I can do yet.

We’re all healing from something. We’re all on a journey to greater wholeness and happiness. There are times when a “baby step” is just what is needed to get us headed in the right direction.

Before I go, I want to thank all those who responded so warmly, in writing or in their hearts, to my last post. Your support and encouragement was overwhelming and gave me a big boost just when I really needed it.

Best wishes to you all. Hope you like the picture of the toddler.

Picture credit: Copyright All rights reserved by Cornell Fool


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