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Are you feeling disillusioned with life?


Are you feeling a bit disillusioned with life? Is there a feeling somewhere deep inside you that life is too difficult and there is no real meaning or purpose to it?

I have discovered, like many people, that it can be a wonderful thing to come face-to-face with disillusionment or despair.

Our challenges can be a catalyst inviting us to see beyond our worries and realize – in a God-given moment – the primeval stillness that has been calling to us since our birth and in which is the answer to all our fears or aspirations.

In the stillness that lives in the core of our being is the wisdom we need to solve our problems and find true meaning and happiness in our lives.

Courage is there also. Courage does not come out of thin air. Courage – like faith, like perseverance, like trust – is the child of stillness.

We have become expert, as a culture, in avoiding stillness. We find new ways to ignore it every day. It’s as if we think stillness is our enemy.

But it is not our enemy. As I experience the challenges and blessings of aging, I see more clearly every day that stillness is our friend, and always has been.

Stillness is the Angel of God waiting to help us heal our life and heal the seemingly impossible problems and complexities of the world in which we live.

So regardless of what is happening or not happening in your life, and regardless of the challenges you face – perhaps because of them – take some time to listen to the stillness that is calling to you continually from the depths of your heart.

Just as stillness rescued me from a fearsome depression some years ago, opening a door to a new life, so stillness will assist you in remarkable, unpredictable ways in finding the meaning, joy and inner peace that is your true destiny.

Would love to share any thoughts you may have on the above. My love is with you.

Picture credit:   Some rights reserved by The Wandering Angel


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