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Trayvon Martin’s life not in vain


Something good will come from Trayvon Martin’s life. His sad, lonely death will not be in vain.

A spotlight has been shone on an area that surely needs more light.

Whatever the rights or wrongs of the Zimmerman trial, it has stimulated and will continue to stimulate – perhaps for a long time — a deeper, more honest look at the plight of young black men in America, and how we really feel about people whose skin is a different color than our own.

I was heart-broken, like many others, as I followed the trial. Who could not help but feel the pain of Trayvon’s parents over their loss, and the pain of everyone caught up in this tragedy, including George Zimmerman’s parents?

But just as America can emerge stronger and more whole as it confronts its deep, unhealed wounds, so we too can become stronger as we answer life’s call to change and grow.

It’s not hard to have our heart broken these days. Surely the need for compassion has never been greater. Whether we look at the larger world around us or at our own lives, turmoil and pain is never far away.

And yet while I felt much grief during the trial, I also realized again, as the trial came to a close, that the truth of myself remains untouched and untroubled by anything that transpires in me or around me.

There is indeed a source of peace and well-being within each of us that is constant, dependable and unchanging.

It has nothing to do with some mysterious, external deity, and it has nothing to do with outer circumstances.

Just as it is possible to look at a beautiful painting and feel its beauty, so it is possible for us to switch the focus of our attention away from the distressing events of our lives – even if just for a moment — and experience the ever-present peace of our own being.

We are not the flawed creatures we sometimes imagine ourselves to be. We all have our quirks and limitations, of course. But our true nature is a masterpiece unblemished by time and uncorrupted by any of the mishaps of our lives.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the above or anything else that is on your mind. Love and blessings to you.

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