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Some things we can learn from Nature


Our wild bunny came home late yesterday. He – or is it she? – lives under the big blue spruce tree outside our front door and likes to take off every now and again, so that we don’t see him for three weeks or so at a time.

JoAnn likes to think he is busy visiting various girl-friends in the area, which may be true, of course.

I get a bit concerned as weeks go by with no bunny in sight. I wonder if mischief of some kind has befallen him. His life is fragile, just like ours, with coyotes and other threats present in the region.

Bunny, as far as I know, does not have the ability to kill or maim anything or anyone. He survives, if he does survive, because he can run as fast as a speeding locomotive and has a highly honed early warning system.

He survives, too, because he is a creature of the earth, finding protection, comfort and renewal in the embrace of mother earth and in the deep, winding tunnels that he — or is it she? — builds below ground. Gosh, I wonder who does do most of the work, come to think of it?

I feel a deep connection with this simple, but magical creature. Perhaps one reason is that although bunnies are obviously insignificant as far as our weighty human affairs are concerned, they have a lot to teach us.

For instance:

1. Bunny reminds me to examine my own tools of perception and how well I use them. I may not have the radar-like hearing or almost 360 degree vision of a bunny but I have other perceptive abilities.

For example, do I listen to the nudges of my heart? Do I pay attention to the spirit behind another person’s utterance? Do I trust my instincts if I feel a need to be cautious in some situation?

2. Bunny reminds me of the value of play. They like to hop and jump for no apparent reason. I have read that they can jump as high as nine feet. One time JoAnn and I looked out the window of our previous home and saw a bunny running around in small circles in our back-yard, sometimes stopping to throw a little jump into the mix. Why was that? Well, as far as I’m concerned, it was purely for the fun of it.

How I thank God that over the past few years particularly, I have remembered this innate ability we all have to be playful. The older I become the more I seem to enjoy being playful just for the sake of being playful. The more I enjoy not taking myself so seriously. And the more I see the fun present in little moments.

3. Bunny reminds me to stay “grounded.” It is wonderful to let thoughts and imagination roam. It is wonderful to dream, and dream big. But bunny reminds me that just as he finds renewal and sanctuary in his burrow, so I must at times admire a tree or touch a rock or listen to the music of the stream that flows behind our property.

4. Last but not least, bunny reminds me of the importance of vulnerability. We tend to grow up thinking that to be strong means we must always be right, and never wrong. We think it’s weak to change our mind or see another person’s point of view.

But there is no real strength without vulnerability. Only the strong can be gentle, as that beautiful man, Nelson Mandela, has proven so richly in his life.

I send you best wishes and love. If you have any thoughts on the above, please write, I’d love to hear from you.

Picture credit: Copyright All rights reserved by Country Creations by Kathy


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