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Be thankful for your body


I can’t help but be aware, as another birthday approaches, of the changes transpiring in this physical body that has been my home for more than 80 years. Goodness, is it my imagination? The font that I like to use to compose my posts appears smaller to me today than usual but that can’t really be the case can it?

How loyal this body of mine has been. How brave it has been. Many hardships and challenges have been visited upon this lean but wiry body since it was first created, and it has withstood them all.

I have a scar, about 3 inches long and half an inch wide on the inside of my leg. I was 6-years-old and was walking in the woods with my parents one day when I got caught while trying to step over a barb wire fence. I can only imagine how loudly I cried and the concern that my parents felt. But my body didn’t complain in the least. It just went calmly to work to heal the big gash I had received.

My body – like yours – has experienced many tribulations. But it is still here. It is still doing its very best to handle the challenges that life brings and maintain a balance in these rapidly changing times.

The time does come, of course, when our body can no longer continue to serve us. A good friend named Martin, who is 86, was recently moved to a hospice. He and his wife are neighbors of ours. I visited him a few days back and it was such a pleasure to be with him and chat about this and that, about the gigantic Tom Clancy thriller on his bedside table, about the good food he is getting and the pretty fountain and tree outside his window.

I don’t know exactly when Martin will pass from this human scene but I know he will pass with serenity and grace because that is how he has lived his life. I think he sees death as just another circumstance to handle.

Perhaps it’s a bit like getting ready to go on a trip. I sense that Martin and his wife, married for 65 years, have done what they need to do to prepare for the journey and can face the future with equanimity because there are no unresolved issues hanging over their heads.

Let us be thankful for our bodies. What a gift they give to us. Yes, my friend’s body is coming to the end of its natural life – just as my own body will in due course. But although our bodies are finite, the serenity and grace that I experience when I am in Martin’s presence is not finite. It is Love and it is eternal. It is Love and it is unafraid. It is Love and it is at peace. It is Love and it is who we truly are.

If you have any thoughts on this post you’d like to share please do write. I send you love and thank you for reading my post.

Pictured credit:   Some rights reserved by a n i. Y.


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