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Only one thing stands between you and your dream


Only one thing stands between you and the beautiful fulfillment that is your true destiny. It’s the toxic belief, inhaled from the very atmosphere around you when you were a child, that you are somehow flawed and imperfect.

The world got its hooks into you at an early age, a very early age, and there was nothing you could do about it. You were just a child, for heaven’s sake. There was nothing you could do to protect yourself from this monstrous lie. There was no way you could sort out for yourself what was true and what wasn’t true.

The sense of greatness that was with you when you first arrived on planet earth began to fade. You succumbed to the insidious notion that you are “merely human,” and nothing you do is quite good enough.

An entire culture — an entire way of living, or perhaps I should say dying — has been constructed out of this perverted notion that we are somehow irretrievably flawed.

But here’s the good news.

Who you truly are, and who I truly am, is not flawed in any way. You are pristine. The masterpiece that you are is untouched by any of the misadventures or craziness of your life and waits now to be revealed.

Sure, we all have our foibles, our human nature characteristics. For example, I’m a “quick reactor,” as my wife describes it. Sometimes strong feelings – strong opinions — brew up in me quite quickly.

But I’ve learned a wonderful lesson. Life really isn’t too troubled by these strong feelings that arise in me or in you from time to time, sometimes “pleasant,” sometimes “not pleasant.”

Of course, it is necessary sometimes to change my mind about something, but that’s okay. It adds to the fun. As I move along in my 80s, I know of no more encouraging truth than this. The sense of greatness and boundless destiny we may have glimpsed for a moment when we were young is with us still.

It is who we truly are. It is the unconquerable love of our own being and it cries out to be expressed through us in each moment.

You are a being of light, with a unique dream to fulfill and a unique gift to give.

I’d love to hear any thoughts you may have on this post. I send you love and greetings and I hope all goes very well for you. Take care.

Picture credit:   Bahman Farzad


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