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You are loved

you are loved

You are loved.

Young or old, rich or poor, whatever your circumstances or your nationality, and regardless of whether you are religious or not – you are loved.

Regardless of your foibles, you are loved. I say this with some confidence because none of my own foibles has succeeded in changing the unchanging nature of love in any way in my experience.

Love was with you when you were born and before you were born. It is with you now and will be with you when you die.

Perhaps you can look back on your life, like me, and see occasions when you felt unloved. Perhaps you feel unloved right now.

But love does not change and it never will. The ancient words are true, “Love never fails.”

Have you dreams in your heart that you cherish, but you’re not sure how they will work out, or even if they will work out? Or perhaps you face challenges whose outcome, again, is hard to predict?

Trust love. Know that you are loved.

What I have learned in 80 years of living is that it doesn’t really matter what life throws at us. The love that we are is not going to change and it’s not going to be defeated.

You are loved. It’s written in a heavenly document that is not subject to any changes.

Sometimes we lose somebody who was very close to us and it is hard, very hard. Sometimes somebody comes into our life who transforms us forever, and it is wonderful. I can confirm from my own experience that the love glowing in me and in you is unchanged by any of it.

You are loved.

Eben Alexander, MD, author of the beautiful, best-selling book, Proof of Heaven, which I highly recommend, puts it this way:

“None of us is unloved. Each and every one of us is deeply known and cared for by a Creator who cherishes us beyond any ability we have to comprehend. That knowledge must no longer remain a secret.”

I send you my sincere love and blessings. May we trust love. May we trust life. May we each become increasingly conscious, as the tumult of these times continues, of the love that dwells deep within each one of us and that no power in heaven or earth can touch or spoil or diminish in any way.

Picture credit: NhaLuany


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