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Be still

stillness jim neeley

“All I have to do is to be still.” I wonder how many times I have said those words to myself. They are words that never fail to bring me comfort and assurance that the next step, whatever it may be, will surely reveal itself at the appropriate time.

It’s the only way I know to embody my unconquerable spirit. It’s the only way to hear the calm voice of wisdom within me.

My heart goes out to the families and friends of the children lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School. My heart goes out to the teachers who were lost, and to the first-responders and to the family of the shooter, Adam Lanza. My heart goes out to Newtown, Connecticut and anyone else anywhere who has been touched or traumatized as a result of this tragedy.

My heart goes out to President Obama, as he continues to serve his country with all the courage and steadfastness that is in him.

My heart goes out to John Boehner, as he too plays his part and makes his contribution to a country looking hard for direction and strength.

My heart goes out to you, taking the time to read these words. I wish I could sit down with you for a moment and connect with you face to face and heart to heart. How are you doing? I hope all is well. Are you finding your way okay?

My heart goes out to the whole world as it struggles to move forward and be creative and maintain its balance in the midst of the whirlwind of change that sweeps the planet.

There is one step we can always take. It is a step that never fails. We can take a moment to be still.

I’ve been struggling, I must admit, the last week or two, trying to give myself a crash course in marketing, trying to get things set up so that my new book is readily available. My blog has suffered a bit during the process, but what can I do? I can take a moment to be still.

In stillness, true stillness, our pain is enfolded and blessed. Our differences recede. We sense the outlines, however dim, of our next step.

In stillness, our heart is renewed. No potion or pill can renew our heart the way that a moment of simple, humble stillness can do.

In this moment of stillness I send you love and best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Wherever you are, I am with you.

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Picture credit: James Neeley

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