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“Aging into Bliss” is now available

Aging Into BlissI’m happy – very happy – to announce the release of my book, Aging into Bliss: Discovering the Wisdom and Joy of Your Timeless Nature..

In many ways the book sums up what I have learned – and continue to learn – since as a teen-ager in post-war Britain I became aware of a strange, overwhelming longing to find the “truth” of life. I sensed there was a deeper meaning and purpose to life than I saw revealed around me. I devoured poetry and I also devoured heavyweight philosophers like Schopenhauer and Epictetus.

Kind of strange for such a young fellow. But that’s where my passion lay.

Since then I can say with complete candor that I’ve been to hell many times. I’ve spent quite a bit of time there shall we say.

In fact one of the reasons I wrote this book is to share some of the secrets that helped me find my way back from hell and realize -- in a magical moment of stillness following a year of devastating depression – the unchanging, unspoilt truth that is at the core of our existence.

Another reason for the book is to share how much I love aging and the special opportunity it can give to become more conscious of the wisdom and joy of our timeless nature, as I put it in my subtitle.

I hope you like the cover of my book. I feel the lotus is a perfect symbol of the changeless, boundless purity of our true nature. It reminds me of the indisputable truth that our bodies age, but our spirit is ageless.

So many terrible things happening in our world. So many challenges in our lives – illness, loss, perhaps the challenge of aging.

Our challenges have a great gift to give

And yet -- a primary theme of my book -- our challenges, painful though they may be have a great gift to give. They can help us grow and expand our boundaries and uncover the beautiful masterpiece that we truly are, unhurt and unharmed by any of the traumas of our lives.

Both the print version of my book and the digital, PDF version are available now, and the Kindle and Nook versions will be available very soon.

The print book costs $12.95 and the digital version is $9.95.

I invite you to consider the possibility that Aging into Bliss would be a splendid gift to give your friends or family with its timeless, uplifting message. In fact even as I write I recall that one of the chapters in the book is entitled “The True Message of Christmas.”

The book consists of 27 simple but powerful meditations that help relieve anxiety and assist the reader to a deeper awareness of the inherent beauty and wonder of life and of their own unconquerable spirit.

Gail Brenner, Ph.D., founder of A Flourishing Life, sent me this beautiful testimonial: "Are you aging? Then run, don't walk, to get this lovely book. At 80, Christopher Foster tells it like it is and so beautifully offers insights and practical suggestions to soften and sweeten the journey. This book is a rare blend of clarity and heart. Apply its timeless lessons, and you, like Christopher, will dwell in peace and fulfillment regardless of your age."

To purchase and read more about the book please visit the Aging Into Bliss page. You'll also see more of the beautiful testimonials this book has already received. These testimonials convey better than I ever could what the book is all about. Please note that you do not need a Paypal account to make a purchase. You can make a purchase as a guest.

I send you love and blessings and as always would love to receive any thoughts you may wish to share.

Please share this email with friends.

PS. A personal note. JoAnn and I share our 15th wedding anniversary on December 6. It’s special to me that we share this occasion at the same time my book is being published. Again, blessings to you and I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season.



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Vidya Sury December 4, 2012 at 11:03 pm

It is a beautiful cover, Mr Christopher. And after reading your first book, and as a long time subscriber of your blog I am sure this is going to be a wonderful and inspiring read, too.

Love, and season’s greetings!

Vidya Sury recently posted..Home Sweet Home


Christopher Foster December 5, 2012 at 11:07 am

Vidya, thank you so much for your kind words. It’s a real pleasure to hear from you and I especially thank you for your wonderful support of my blog. I’m very happy to share this journey of life with you and send you love and blessings now and always.


Maureen Moeller December 6, 2012 at 9:11 am

Happy Anniversary Chris! Fifteen years married to JoAnn; blessings to you both. I am so excited about Aging into Bliss now being available…what a gift to us all. Chris, to share your own journey to hell and back is courageous and inspiring; and reminding us that our challenges bring us closer to our true purpose is deeply appreciatied by this follower:-) I hang onto to your promise that who we really are is unhurt by life’s traumas. I know those words are true, and in my heart I know me, the masterpiece, is unharmed. But in the thick of life’s obstacles I imagine my pain and despair is real. I plan to order 2 or 3 books tomorrow (pay day!!) for my active and healthy 80+ year old parents, my good friend Nancy, with whom I am travelling a parallel spiritual journey, and my 60 year-old brother, Mike, who is a caregiver for his wife who is enduring the end stages of MS. And oh, one for myself, which I plan to read aloud to my husband every night:-) So I will be ordering 4!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Chris; your book is a true gift of love.

Maureen Moeller


Christopher Foster December 6, 2012 at 12:34 pm

Maureen, thank you so much. Your words are an immense blessing both to me and to my book as it sets out on its journey into the unknown. There is joy but also trepidation, isn’t there, when we give our gift, whatever it may be. We put our best into it — and then we have to let it go. I think I’ll be learning more about the ‘letting go’ part as long as I live.

It’s my hope that my book has three gifts to give, comfort, wisdom and joy. Living in the world as it is is not easy, for sure. But the journey is made so much easier when we find friends who as you say are travelling a “Parallel spiritual journey.” I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas season.


Gary Hunt December 8, 2012 at 10:42 pm

Purchased this book, fantastic read. Very seldom do I read a book in one sitting. Christopher, thank you, your blog has kept my interest for a long time now.

Your book …well… it’s simply wonderful. Seems I am on track, having lived to 50 and wondered many times… how I did it … more so now, remembering how grateful I have become …on the road to middle age and a bit more :O)

Any idea if Amazon in Canada will sell your book? Would love to get my hands on a printed copy or two for gifts.

Simply Fantastic Christopher,
Thank You for this book !!

Sending Light and Love

Kindest Regards,



Christopher Foster December 9, 2012 at 10:00 am

Gary, you’ve made my day as Clint said. Just got up on a quiet Sunday morning and read your comment. And of course had to show my wife, JoAnn. I want to thank you for these wonderfully kind and encouraging words. Perhaps we all, at times, feel a whiff of discouragement, a concern perhaps that our gift may not be recognized. If any such feeling was lurking in the shadows of my heart re my new book your generous words dispel such unworthy feelings and are a wonderful inspiration and encouragement.

Thank you and God bless. I’ll look into your question re Amazon in Canada, where incidentally I lived for about 40 years before coming down here to Denver to re-marry.


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