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The joy of a “victory in place”

You are not alone in this world even though you may sometimes think you are.

You have allies both visible and invisible who will give you the guidance and support you need and help you achieve your dreams.

Two of these allies are persistence and flexibility. I want to write about them and honor them in this post because I have been so conscious of their presence in my life these past few months.

As some of you may recall, I started work on a new book seven or eight months ago entitled Aging into Bliss: Discovering the Wisdom and Joy of Your Timeless Nature.

It’s going to be a PDF book, an eBook and a print-on-demand book, and I’m not ashamed to say it has been one of the biggest challenges of my life.

I’ve finished the book now. I finished it yesterday, in the sense that I had a wonderful talk with the designer who has been designing the book and gave final approval to her work and asked her to go ahead and prepare the various formats.

But there have been times when I really wasn’t sure how to proceed, or even began to wonder if the book would ever be finished. Just when I thought the end was in sight a new issue or problem would arise that needed attention.

The book has a mind of its own

The book has a mind of its own, it really does.

For example, I discovered it wants to be born when it’s good and ready, not a moment sooner and not a moment later.

I discovered it wanted to choose its own cover — not the cover that I chose at first, and that Maddi and I thought was so perfect, a wonderful picture of an older lion that captured the indomitable spirit I talk about in the book.

But after a blogging friend gave me some unexpected and unsettling feedback about the cover — she didn’t like it —  and asking for feedback from other friends, and after agonising for a couple of weeks I decided I really did need to scrap the old cover and start again.

It was a tough thing to do after all the work we had put into it. It took a lot of flexibility and persistence to change course and start looking at more photos for a new cover. Then suddenly, one evening, I found an image that I really loved. I think it’s magical and healing. I fell in love with it at first sight — and so did the book. I hope you’ll like it too.

Now there’s the challenge of marketing

My book journey isn’t finished, of course. In a way, it is just beginning. There’s the huge challenge of marketing to look forward to. Not my strong suit, for sure, but what use is a book if you can’t sell it and hopefully earn some money from it while sharing your vision and experience and giving your gift?

What use is a book if you can’t find some real flesh-and-blood people who stop for a moment and take a look and think, if you’re lucky…hmm, this looks interesting…I wonder if this book would help me see what is missing in my life? Or what my next step is? Or how I can find more happiness? Or how I can meet this challenge I’m facing and fulfill my dream?

Bringing my book to this point has been a challenge but also a joy and delight. I feel I’ve had “a victory in place,” as my wife likes to say, and I’m so grateful for the generous help of allies both visible and “invisible”.

Persistence and flexibility. They make victory possible. They can bring us through anything. What victory has given you joy? What challenges are you facing? What dreams are you contemplating or pursuing? I’d love to hear from you. Be well and take care.

Picture credit: mamta16


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