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10 thoughts about bliss to ponder

Bliss is a way of describing your boundless nature, unconquerable and free, unchanged by outer events. It is another name for God.

Bliss is balance and balance is bliss.

Many things in this world promise happiness. But the question you need to ask yourself is whether they can deliver lasting happiness?

The cool thing about bliss is that although we can’t buy it, we can’t steal it, we can’t describe it and we can’t even understand it, you can experience bliss because it is your birthright.

Bliss doesn’t need a special moment to make its appearance in your life.

Bliss is at home in any moment and in any circumstance.

Just because you are blissful doesn’t mean you won’t feel anger, pain, fear, triumph or joy. It just means bliss is not changed or affected by outer events.

This doesn’t mean bliss is not compassionate, mind you. Bliss is the engine of compassion because bliss is another name for love.

Any great achievement or work of art is born of bliss because it is born of passion.

Bliss is born the same way a butterfly is born. When you are self-reliant, and listen to the impulse of your own heart to abandon old beliefs and pretenses that no longer serve you, a miracle occurs. You don’t discover emptiness. You discover the newness and timeless joy of your eternal reality.

Love and blissing to you.

Picture credit:   Beverly & Pack

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