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Be still and know

I’ve discovered in my own life, through hard lessons sometimes, that wisdom is always present with us. It’s always available.

Not the wisdom that comes from books, though that can be helpful. And not the wisdom that may be articulated by others, though we may be grateful for that too.

What I want to honor here is the wisdom of our true nature that was with us when we were born and will still be with us when our sojourn on this planet comes to a close, since we are spiritual beings, after all.

It’s the wisdom of our own immortal spirit that can’t be touched or hurt in any way by the difficulties of our lives or the confusion and turmoil of this world.

I experienced this innate wisdom in such a graphic way one time that I’ve never forgotten the lesson I learned. I was working on a ranch in British Columbia, a young fellow recently arrived from “the old country,” when through my own carelessness I nearly started a dangerous wildfire.

I was trying desperately to put out the flames with a shovel when I became aware of a “voice” within myself. “Be still,” it said, “or this blaze will get completely out of hand.”

I listened to that inner voice and took a moment to calm down. Immediately, I realized I had to change my approach and focus deliberately on putting out just one small section of the tiny circle of fire at a time. As soon as I changed my tactic in this way I was able to extinguish the fire before it became a true disaster.

I am so grateful that wisdom is with us always as we face the challenges and opportunities that life brings to us. It is the wisdom of our own spirit and all that is necessary to access this source of inspiration within ourselves is to be still, and listen.

There are many voices shouting in our ears in these days. There are plenty of distractions available if we wish to be distracted. In a personal sense, one or two unexpected challenges arose in the last week or two relating to the book I’m getting ready to release.

But I’m happy to say everything is sorting out. The ancient words hold true. “Be still, and know that I am God.”

As you stay true to yourself and trust your own unconquerable spirit, the next step in your life will surely emerge.

What are your thoughts about wisdom? Do you have any experiences you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you. Best wishes and please keep in touch.

Picture credit:  mikebaird

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