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As love increases fear decreases

I was in a situation the other day that brought up some anxiety and uncertainty. The troubled feelings still linger as I write these words to you, although they are less intense now.

Fear comes and goes. It’s like a storm or strong wind that blows up in sudden fury and then diminishes and dies away.

We cannot stop fear from entering our lives. But what we can do, and indeed must do when it rises up, is remember that our true nature is not fear.

Love is our true nature. Gentle, strong and timeless.  How I love what does not change, and does not come and go — the love that animates each of us and is who we truly are. One presence. One love. One whole.

Fear is rampant in our world, of course. But as I listen to love’s eternal presence I know that fear is not an enemy. It is a messenger that may have something useful to say to us. It is a lost friend who seeks our love. It is a little bit of lost energy that wants to come home.

As I change my attitude toward fear a miracle happens. An ancient law asserts itself: As love increases, fear decreases.

I bless you in your journey. If you have some thoughts you’d like to share please write.

Picture credit: mk_lynx


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