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Have you found your unique gift?

I received a touching comment from a reader named Paul and I’d like to respond to a question he asked. Here’s the question:

“Do you think animals and young children can sense goodness in you? Almost everywhere I go animals gravitate toward me and babies smile at me and make eye contact like they know me. I don’t really understand it, and often think it’s because I look like I’m not a threat to animals or I’m funny looking to children. My wife says it’s because I’m a kindred spirit and they recognize it in me. The way I was brought up taught me otherwise. I’m not special, and no matter what I do it will never be good enough.”

I absolutely think that animals and young children can sense goodness in us. Putting it another way, they sense the love of our own presence, which is already “good enough” and then some. They sense your true nature and are drawn to it.

A special affinity with other forms of life

Mind you, I also think some people (and you are surely one of these people) have a special gift when it comes to creatures. For whatever reason, they share a special affinity with life forms different than our own.

For example, if there is a dog in a room, and if my wife, JoAnn, sits down in that room, I guarantee the dog will want to come over and sit down by my wife’s feet. I’ve seen it happen so many times. After coming over and sitting down in this manner the dog (or dogs) simply remain there as if glued in place, staring blissfully at whatever they are staring at.

JoAnn doesn’t do anything to encourage this sort of canine behavior. I think she’d be quite happy if dogs ignored her. But they don’t ignore her – just as they don’t ignore you, apparently. They feel your beautiful presence and it has a strong magnetic pull on them.

All you have to do is concede that your wife is absolutely right. Animals gravitate toward you and babies smile at you because they sense a kindred spirit. A spirit that is not overly distracted by busy human goals and preoccupations, perhaps, but as I say, appreciates the oneness we share with all life.

I have some good news for you

I’m sorry that your upbringing instilled the notion that you are not all that remarkable and nothing you do will ever be good enough. Many of us have been tarred by that brush. But I have some good news for you.

Nothing that has happened to you so far in your life – the conditioning imposed upon you by your parents, for example, or by society, or anything else – has hurt the truth of you in any way.

You came into this world with a unique gift to give and this gift, whatever it is, is unhurt and unharmed by any of the adventures of your life to this point.

Some good advice from Dr. Phil

All you have to do is let that beautiful gift shine through you with new focus and in greater abundance. Dr. Phil made a good point in an article my wife was reading yesterday, “There has to be something in your life that makes you want to hop out of bed and kick butt. It can be your job, spiritual life, family, sports – anything that invigorates you.”

What brings you joy? Look deep. The answer is there. Your own wisdom already knows.

Could it be animals, for instance, your love for animals, that gives you joy and purpose? Whatever it is, listen to your heart, and your gut, and trust. Trust yourself. Trust your own unconquerable spirit. You’ll find your way. Thank you again for your comment and I send you a ton of blessings and love.

PS  As always, any comments on the above much appreciated. Your comments mean a lot to me and others. Thank you so much.

Picture credit: houseofduke


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