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Listen to your gut, trust your gut

Wondering how to meet the challenges of your life more effectively? Wondering how to make your dreams come true, or how to give your gift, or how to discover your true passion and purpose in this world?

It’s time to listen to your gut. Your “second brain,” as it has been called by authorities such as Michael Gershon, professor and chair of pathology and cell biology at Columbia.

The gut has its own wisdom

The gut has its own wisdom. It has its own connection with the larger rhythms and purposes of life, particularly as they relate to ourselves. It has the ability to warn us of danger. And it has the ability to let us know of changes that may be necessary if we are to experience the freedom and fulfillment that is our birthright.

An inner voice speaks up and says it’s time to make a change, to do this, or not do that, and the question is, do we follow that inner voice or not?

If you do follow that voice that speaks not only in your heart and mind but also from your gut, your life will unfold in remarkable ways. It will move in ways you cannot yet visualize and you will find yourself participating more and more consciously in the beautiful process Carl Jung called synchronicity.

Also, and most importantly, if you are true to yourself, and follow your gut, you will keep your integrity. I was touched the other day when a friend in a faraway country said, “The biggest blessing for me when I die will be if I know I have kept my integrity.”

Sometimes our gut speaks to us in unexpected moments

Sometimes, I have found – though not always – our gut calls to us in a moment or at a time when we least expect it. Our life is moving along quite smoothly and nicely, thank you. And then boom. Our gut lets us know it is time to change.

For instance, in the early 1950’s I was working as an editorial assistant in Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. It was a good job, with good prospects, and I got to travel to beautiful places like Victoria Falls. I did some military training, but there were no obvious warning signs that drastic change was on the horizon.

And then one day, out of the blue, my gut spoke to me. It said, “It’s time to go to Australia and New Zealand. There’s something you need to explore and experience there. This is what you need to do.”

It was the first time I had experienced an “inner message” so clearly. The evening I made the difficult decision to resign from my job I sat alone on my bed, repeating to myself aloud, “It takes guts. It takes guts.”

With the gift of hindsight, I know that the universe was with me in that change and my life would not have unfolded the way it needed to unfold if I had not trusted what my gut was telling me.

We have two choices in life

We have two choices in life. You can listen to the opinions of other people or the “mainstream.” Or you can listen to the wild, mysterious, unnamable wisdom that flows continuously from its unfathomable source through every aspect of your being — including your gut.

If you have some thoughts on the above you’d like to share please write. I send you best wishes and love. My book is moving along. I’m listening to every little bit of input that comes my way and look forward to sharing more details of the book with you in the very near future.

PS Don’t forget the title now: Aging into Bliss: Discovering the Joy of Your True Nature As Years Go By.

Picture credit: scottnramsay


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