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Giving our gift without strings attached

Well, it’s been a long haul, but I think I’ve finished my book. I could spend longer on it, of course. I could spend at least another month, perhaps another year, trying to make it just a tiny bit better.

But there comes a point where you have to say to yourself, “Heck, I’ve done my best. It’s time to let my baby go.”

And so on Thursday or Friday I’ll send my book on the next leg of its journey to a friend in British Columbia who will design and format it for me.

Winners of the “free book” contest

It was a challenge, it really was, to decide who would win the two free books for most helpful suggestions for a title for my book. The response was terrific, with over 30 commenters. I’m happy to announce that the winners are Valerie Baker and Rick Bischoff.

Thanks guys. The book will be on its way to you as soon as possible.

“Aging into Bliss: Discovering the Joy of Our True Nature as years go by”

Here’s the title I finally decided upon: “Aging into Bliss: Discovering the Joy of Our True Nature as Years Go By.” And here is the question that is in my heart as I move forward with this project.

Am I offering my book to the world – and laboring over it with all the care that is in me – because I hope for recognition and attention, or for some material reward?

I suppose some recognition would be okay. Some material success would be more than okay, it would be great. A fulfillment of a dream.

But the real truth of the matter is I am doing the book because I can’t not do it.

Maybe this is why a mother gives birth. I’m hardly qualified to say. Perhaps there’s a paradox here. There is nothing wrong with well-earned praise and material reward. It is wonderful. In a way, it is necessary. It completes the cycle of giving and receiving and inspires us to want to do even better.

But I realize more clearly every day that I have already been given the most precious gift life has to offer, and so have you. It is the gift of our own indomitable spirit, our own timeless presence and nothing can surpass this gift.

Bliss is our birthright

Bliss is our birthright. It is your true nature. No one can take this bliss from you unless you give it to them.

Bliss is available to each one of us in this very moment. Not in some future moment, but in this moment. It was given us at our birth.

Are you looking for attention or recognition from another person, or from other people? Is it important to you that they recognize how remarkable you really are?

You are important already. You are remarkable already. You already have stature.

When we give the unique gift that we came to give freely and without strings the whole world sings and breathes a sigh of thankfulness.

I send love and blessings and wish you the very best on your life journey. As always, any comments much appreciated.

Picture credit: YTruly


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