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6 reasons to change your mind about aging

I love aging. I really do. I realize that aging has its challenges, including the biggest challenge of all, the fear of death. But the rewards of aging, to my mind, far outweigh the negatives. Here are 6 reasons you may want to change your mind about aging.

1. Aging is an opportunity to deepen our connection with Nature

It’s an opportunity, for example, to take an early morning walk down to the creek, like I did this morning (the summers are so hot here in Colorado that you have to get your walk in early or become toast). And with the gift of time that aging brings – the opportunity to linger if you want to – become more conscious of the beauty and wonder of the natural world that we so often take for granted.

2. Aging is an opportunity to expand our boundaries

I was very uptight when I was young. It was hard for me to connect with other people. My dad, who was a great communicator, must have cringed when he introduced me to one of his reporter friends because I simply didn’t know what to say.

I would just stand there. I was present but barely. I was kind of a blob. But now the lid is off. Aging has made it possible for me to extricate myself from the cocoon in which I used to live and emerge, bright eyed and bushy tailed – a new person.

It still amazes me. But I find, as I penetrate deeper into my true nature, that I love talking with people. I love it. I love listening to them. I love hearing their stories. I love being ebullient. I love trying to tell jokes. I love expressing the natural buoyancy and cheerfulness of our God-given spirit.

3. Aging gives more time to remember our true nature

The very fact of being born into this world tends to instill in us a forgetfulness of our true nature. In subtle and not-so subtle ways we may become convinced of an inherent flaw, an inherent unworthiness. I experience that no matter how much we may have achieved or not achieved in our lives heretofore, aging opens a door to a deeper experience of ourselves as we truly are — the limitless, eternal being which we have always been.

4. Aging gives an opportunity to change our relationship with fear

I’m not finished with fear. As long as we live in a fearful world I’m not sure we will ever be finished with fear. But I would say this. As I learn to trust life more deeply, and as my love for my own unconquerable spirit deepens, my relationship with fear is changing. As I become more conscious of my own presence, always here, always present, never changing, the fear that I have carried with me ever since I was a child seems to me to be diminishing.

5. An opportunity to love myself and my loved ones more deeply

Aging gives us time and opportunity to love ourselves and our loved ones more deeply. To forgive them as we forgive ourself. To see them in new ways. To cherish them exactly as they are. And to see the unique gift each of us has come into the world to give.

6. A chance to do something we really love doing

Last but not least, aging can be a chance to do something we really love doing but perhaps did not have a chance to do before.

Can you help me choose a title for my book?

I’m going to wind this post up now. But I do want to share one more thing with you. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been working hard on a new book. It has 20 chapters, all quite brief, drawn from earlier posts, with a new introduction and a great foreword by Jungian psychotherapist Carol Leavenworth, of Denver.  I’m happy to say the book is pretty well finished, ready to send to the designer, but I would love your help in choosing a title.

I’ll give a free copy of my book to two people who leave the most helpful comments regarding the following possible titles (or have a good idea for a different title).

The Bliss of Aging

The Secret Bliss of Aging

The Sweet Strong Bliss of Aging

The Blissful Senior

Journey into Bliss

Aging into Bliss

As you will see, I like the word ‘bliss’ and would like to have it in the title if possible because I believe bliss is the core of our true nature and the birthright of every one of us. However, I’m open to any suggestions.

My love to you. In these very troubling, difficult times — times also of great potential — stay strong.

Picture credit:  seniorconnecting_Com

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