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Can you remember your younger self?

Have you ever looked back at a past moment in your life and thought, perhaps not in these exact words, “I don’t feel any older now than I did then?”

It happened to me the other day when l remembered the moment when I first saw my Dad after his return to UK  after WWII.

I was evacuated from London as a child during the Blitz and sent to live with my Aunt Eva, who lived at the end of a quiet and remote lane in Devonshire.

My mother, who worked in Harrods’ bookshop during the war,  had come down from London to visit me. We were busy exploring the shoreline of a nearby river when I saw my father’s long, lanky form – he was 6’ 3” tall – striding along an embankment to meet us.

It was an emotional moment for both Mum and me because Dad had been away in the army for a long time, serving as a war correspondent in the Far East.

My spirit has not changed

As I  recalled this episode in my life I realized, quite vividly, that my spirit really hasn’t changed since that moment beside the river Taw in Devon.

I am still me.  Yes, my body has changed. My mind has changed. I was in a child’s body then whereas now (face it, Chris) my body has 80 years on the clock and some people might even think I’m “elderly,” perish the thought.

But have I changed, really? I don’t think so. I’m a little wiser, possibly. I’ve seen a few things, good and bad. I’ve experienced a few triumphs and some defeats. But the same spirit is in me now that was in that young boy. No change at all.

A useful exercise

Perhaps this little exercise I’ve described can be a way to help bring new peace, calm and assurance into our hectic lives. Perhaps we aren’t as helpless as we think in the face of the whirlwind of change going on in our world.

Perhaps our own spirit is calling us in these momentous days to reclaim our divine birthright as a spiritual being, ageless and free,  who cannot be defeated and is the only true hope of our country and our world.

Goodbye and God bless. Please share any reminiscences or thoughts of your own re the above. Hope to introduce my first “affiliate marketing” endeavor next week, a wonderful company that I’ve bought a number of products from over the years.

Picture credit:  Andrew Waks

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