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Give your best and trust

Do you have a compass in life? My compass goes something like this: “Give your best and trust.”

For example, I’m finishing work right now on a new book. The title is, Stumbling into Bliss: Insights and Adventures of an Octogenarian Blogger.

It’s actually a lot of fun working on this new project, despite the challenges. I’m planning to produce the book in a PDF format, at least to begin with, and then perhaps do a Kindle version and a real honest-to-goodness printed book — you know, a book with actual paper you can smell and pages you can turn:-). (If you have any thoughts on any of this please let me know).

Oh dear. I used to think I knew a bit about publishing – but what a laugh. That was back in the day. The faster publishing moves into the digital age the more confused I become:-).

But as long as I follow my compass and trust life, I’m sure things will work out just fine with my new book. I do look forward to “giving birth” and hope you will enjoy taking a look when my “baby” is born.

What about health?

Then there’s health. What about this? We’re all interested in our health. Well, I go for a walk every day, or almost every day. I do my resistance training at the gym three days a week. JoAnn does her best to feed us both appropriately. And since I’m pre-diabetic, I watch my sugar intake like a hawk, or try to. And so on. But again, what can I do but do my best and trust?

Three or four readers and friends, and also a family member, have been bereaved recently. What a difficult, challenging experience this is. I was numb with shock when I suddenly lost my first wife and had no idea how to proceed or what my next step should be.

There really is something we can trust

But the good news about life, I have learned, is that regardless of what life brings to us, there really is something we can trust.

All forms come and go. But in the midst of changing forms and circumstances stands something that does not change — our own eternal nature. Our own timeless presence, that does not move, does not fear, and does not change. It is always here. And it is who I am, and who you are.

As Teresa of Avila so beautifully said, “Let nothing disturb thee, nothing affright thee. All things are changing, God changeth not.” Whatever is going on in this outer world, give it your best – and trust the unconquerable spirit which is the truth of your existence.

At the end of the day, it’s why we’re here. To become conscious of our reality. To know ourselves as spiritual beings who are timeless and free. “Living with joy, aging with joy,” as I say in my new tagline. My love and blessing to you.

Picture credit: tcd123usa

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