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How to attract the life you dream of

Part two of interview with Angela Artemis

Hello and best wishes to you all. I’m happy to present part two of my interview with intuition coach Angela Artemis, author of The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life You Dream Of.

Christopher: Is there a difference between being “psychic” and being “intuitive?”

Angela: When you are intuitive you receive guidance from within mostly pertaining to your own life and safety. You sometimes have a “gut feeling” or a “knowing sense” about things and that can also include information about another person. When you are intuitive the information is communicated to you via “feelings.”

When you are psychic you receive information from outside of yourself regarding other people. A psychic may see clairvoyant “visions” like scenes from a dream in their mind’s eye or “hear” words and sentences with their internal hearing.

You cannot be psychic unless you are first intuitive and the two overlap but, just to clarify — for intuition you go “within,” while for psychic information you need to connect outside of yourself to another person, place or thing. If you are intuitive (which everyone is) and you desire to develop your psychic abilities you can with training and practice.

Christopher: I’ve been interested in synchronicity all my life. How does synchronicity relate to intuition?

Angela: When you listen to your intuition and follow its promptings you will end up in the right place at the right time and be the recipient of synchronicities which are fortunate coincidences. By ignoring this guidance you miss opportunities. Synchronicity is intertwined with intuition because intuition is the message bearer that prompts and directs you to go to the place where you will meet up with the fortunate coincidence.

Christopher: What’s the difference between synchronicity and serendipity?

Angela: Synchronicity is being in the right place at the right time to meet with a fortunate coincidence that opens doors to new opportunities.

Serendipity is when something you need falls into your lap. For example, say you want to take a class and don’t have the extra money. The next day a check arrives in the mail from a bank where you had a forgotten account that is just the amount you need to take the class. That’s serendipity.

Christopher: Can you tell us a bit more about your book? It seems to be doing very well on Amazon, which is wonderful. How long did it take you to write this book, and what are some of its special features?

Angela: “The Intuition Principle” took me about 7 months to write and then another 4 months to edit. I published it one year after I began writing it.

The special features are all the exercises and guided meditations I have packed into the book that will help you to heighten your intuition and find your authenticity and true path in life.

When you are not on the right path your life is hard and fraught with struggle. When you find the right path that honors your true self and what you were meant to do in this life, your life flows so much more easily. You are joyous and get through any challenge you face with much less effort.

When you tune in and become one with your authenticity via your intuition you become the recipient of many fortunate coincidences such as serendipity and synchronicity. You seem to have a “magical quality” for having things always work out for the best in your life that other people notice – I call this the “Fabulousity Factor.”

Who wouldn’t want to have the “Fabulousity Factor” in their life? All it takes is learning to tune into you own inner guidance via the Intuition Principle.

Christopher: Is there a personal story you could share with us from your own experience showing how intuition can be a blessing to us in our lives? On the other side of the coin, are there dangers or potential disadvantages to being intuitive?

Angela: Here’s a personal story of just one of the many things that have happened to me since I began following my intuition and living by the Intuition Principle:

When I was thirty I was a successful financial executive but I wasn’t happy. I had never finished my business degree and it had always bothered me. I felt intuitively that if I went back to school full time and finished my degree that I would then be “satisfied” and happier in my career. I needed just two semesters to do it.

Finally, when I could ignore the message of my intuition no longer I applied and got accepted to university and started making my plan. One month before the January semester began I gave my notice at work. I was so afraid that I would be ostracized by management for leaving but, the exact opposite happened.

I was the envy of everyone in the company. I cannot tell you how many people secretly admitted to wishing they could do what I was doing – even my bosses. Plus, I was given a leave of absence from my job for 6 months with fully paid benefits in-case I changed my mind and wanted to come back but, I never did. What wonderful serendipity it was not having to worry about health benefits for the first six months.

When I got to school I completely changed my major from business to communications and writing and ended up spending two years in school and loving every second of it. I graduated summa cum laude and received a scholarship to graduate school.

Once I began listening to my intuition and tuning into my authentic self I realized I was meant to be a writer. When I allowed the Intuition Principle to lead me – it led me to right to the path where I was supposed to be in this life and where I could experience these fortunate coincidences that opened doors for me.

Chris, there are no dangers or disadvantages I can think of associated with becoming more aware of your intuition. What dangers are there in having better hearing or vision? Your intuition is another sense you have for providing you with information about your environment.

Christopher: What advice would you give to someone who wants to connect more deeply with their own inner guidance?

Angela: Get quiet and listen. You have all the answers within. Do the exercises in the book and learn how to get in touch with your authentic self via your intuition and then follow this guidance.

Christopher: What is the single most important requirement to become more intuitive?

Angela: You must have a desire to be more intuitive and create an intention to become aware of your intuition. Create the intention to become aware of your intuition and you will begin getting intuitive guidance immediately.

Editor’s note: Angela is offering a free PDF copy of her new book to the reader who leaves the best reason for wanting to read the book.  Please share any thoughts or questions you may have on the above interview. Click here to learn more about The Intuition Principle.  For more from Angela visit her blog at Powered by Intuition. You are welcome to download free bonus material here.





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