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Can’t believe I’m 80

So here I am, a newly-minted 80-year-old. I can’t quite believe it, mind you, but it’s what the calendar says.

JoAnn and I celebrated my birthday Friday with a very special lunch at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Denver. Everything was perfect, it really was, including driving through some of the city’s lovely old neighborhoods and seeing the financial sector up close.

The food was wonderful. I could feel the bonds of love between JoAnn and myself being quietly nourished and renewed. And our waiter, Kevin, was a young man with a caring spirit and great sense of humor. It was fun to kid around with him. He seemed to enjoy the occasion just as much as we did.

The steak was succulent and the strawberry shortcake was a gift from heaven. The hotel brought us a dish of the shortcake (with a candle in it and two spoons) to share with their compliments. Unfortunately, while JoAnn usually lets me have most of any dessert, this time she didn’t, darn it. I had to fight for every spoonful:-).

Facebook got in the act too as the day progressed. I’m very thankful for Facebook. It is an amazing way to connect. Friends from many places sent greetings and it was very touching to feel the love of both old friends and new.

Then next morning our townhome community had its monthly Saturday morning coffee at the clubhouse and there was more excitement as JoAnn brought a birthday cake to share. Later I had a great time talking with my three grandkids in Vancouver via Skype.

Oh dear. Too much excitement. I think I’m a bit tuckered:-).

I’ll be back to normal with a regular post as soon as I recover:-). I’m not even going to think about the special lunch we have planned with two dear friends this Saturday to celebrate two of our respective birthdays. Blessings and love to you.


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