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Keeping up with life’s ebbs and flows

Brits aren’t supposed to get excited. But I admit I was very excited when “The Raven Who Spoke with God,” my inspirational novel about the unconquerable spirit, got published in a Kindle edition a week or two ago. Heck. There were 1,074 free downloads during the initial promotion I put on.

But life does have a rhythm, doesn’t it. I shouldn’t really have been surprised that once the book was put up for sale at $4.99 things would change and life would do what it always does, ebb and flow.

When I realized the book didn’t seem to be getting any traction at Amazon I felt strong feelings of disappointment and discouragement. It was the most pain I had felt in quite a while, so much so that toward the end of the day I called a good friend named Tess Marshall, author of The Bold Life blog to share my story with her. She wasn’t home so I left a message.

People are kind

There are a lot of very kind people in this world. There really are. And they care. An hour or so after I left my message I had a call back from Tess, and we had a great conversation.

It was helpful from a therapeutic standpoint and it was also helpful in a practical sense. For example, Tess gave me names of some other bloggers who she thought might be very willing to help me get the word out about my Kindle book if I asked them, and this is already beginning to happen.

The rhythms of life

I am in awe of the rhythms of life, how it ebbs and flows. And I am thankful for the buoyant spirit that helps us through the rhythms and challenges of our lives.

I spoke of difficult feelings but the truth is there was beauty in those difficult feelings. They have helped me refocus and strengthen my resolve. And they helped me realize more deeply that though our emotions can be painful at times, they don’t need to take charge.

In the midst of those challenging moments — and I doubt they are finished yet –I realized more deeply that our timeless presence does not change. It is who you are and who I am and anything that brings us closer to this awareness is good.

We give our gift and then we let it go. I send blessings and love and thank you for your interest and support. PLEASE CLICK HERE if you’d like to visit my book page at Amazon. If you read the book and would like to submit a review at Amazon this would be much appreciated.

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