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8 thoughts as life picks up the pace

Herewith a few thoughts I’d like to share with you after reading the newspaper this morning. Hope they may give you some “food for thought.”

1. Life is moving more quickly and getting more intense.

2. As life picks up the pace, it gets more and more difficult to keep anything “hidden”. Everything is being brought to the surface of conscious awareness — in our lives, relationships, institutions, businesses, and governments. My name for what is driving this process is truth.

3. There is nothing anyone can do to stop this process.

4. Chaotic and random though this process may seem at times there is impeccable order and beauty back of it.

5. As the old world disintegrates before our eyes, a new world appears.

6. The opportunity facing each of us in the midst of disintegration and pain is to become more conscious of the timeless masterpiece which you and I truly are.

7. As terrifying as things can seem in this time of rapid change there is something that does not change. It is our own presence and it is untroubled and unharmed by any of these external events we see and experience.

8. Look for more and more extremes to emerge as people and institutions feel the pressure of this process at work in their lives.

Any thoughts you’d like to add? Please share.

Picture credit: planetearth112


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