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Amazing things happen when opportunity knocks

Free download of my book available now


First, I want to let you know that a free download of my book, The Raven Who Spoke with God, is available right now and this special offer will continue on April 6, 7 and 8. The regular price of this book is $7.99, but you can get it for free by clicking the link at the end of this post.

The link will take you to my book page at Amazon where the $7.99 price is crossed out and new price of $0.00 is shown. This price includes free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet. Just click on the buy link, with options to deliver the book to Kindle or other device, or download it to your PC with free Kindle reading app.

Some lessons I have learned in the past few weeks

Second, I’d like to share with you some of the amazing things that have happened and the lessons I’ve learned in the past few weeks. I thought my raven book was “dead and forgotten.” It was only because of a neighbor’s love for the book and her skill with Kindle that synchronicity clicked in and I was given the opportunity to say “yes” to a new opportunity in my life.

1. Wisdom is not afraid of fear

I have come to realize more clearly than ever before, since starting my Kindle adventure recently, that we are never alone when we confront the unknown. Wisdom is always with us. It is our ally, and we can trust our inner wisdom absolutely.

For example, fear has arisen in me at numerous steps along the way. At first it was a vague, underlying fear of the unknown. Then it got more specific. “Will I be able to make this process work?” “Will I be able to understand what needs to be done?” “Will I find the support I need?” “Will anyone like my book?” And so on.

But faced with this anxiety – perhaps natural enough when we take a step into the unknown – I have learned a wonderful, wonderful lesson. As I say, I’ve come to realize more strongly than ever before that wisdom is always with us, and it is not afraid of fear.

2. Feelings are simply energy on the move

I’ve realized too how when we feel something – “comfortable” or “uncomfortable”– what we feel is simply energy on the move. It is life flowing through us in all its wildness and beauty and terror. It comes and goes. But our timeless, pure presence does not change.

3. Wisdom helps me know when it is time to act or not act

As I have moved through my Kindle adventure there have been times when there was so much to do I thought I would surely drown. But wisdom has helped me see that no matter how busy things may seem to be, there is actually only one thing I really need to do in any moment no matter what is going on. And that is to listen to the wisdom and stillness of my own heart.

I’ve learned that the wisdom within me knows precisely what needs to be done in the moment, and what doesn’t need to be done. And I’ve learned that if I trust this silent voice everything works out fine – just as I suffer any time I ignore it.

4. I have learned once again to be patient and persistent

So many wise men and women have spoken of patience and persistence through the ages. And there is a reason for this. Patience is our true nature. Persistence is our true nature. And as we are true to our true nature, we know fulfillment.

It will be wonderful, fabulous to be honest, if my animal fable about the unconquerable spirit does well in its new incarnation as a Kindle book. But in that calm place where wisdom dwells I know that as long as I give my best – and keep on giving my best – I can’t help but be fulfilled. What more can any of us do but give our best?

5. We are fulfilled when we give our best

Does it seem to you sometimes as if fulfillment is elusive, and your dream is yet far off? It seems that way to me sometimes. And yet as I work my way through this new adventure I realize more and more clearly that fulfillment is not in the future. It never has been, and it never will be. When we give our best in the moment, and are patient, persistent, and trust life, and trust our friends, we are fulfilled right now no matter what our age.

Click below for free download

Please click this link for download: 


I wrote this book in longhand on yellow legal pads in a coffee shop in Denver soon after moving to the US from British Columbia to marry my wife JoAnn. Please let your friends know about this free download, won’t you?

I hope so much that the book will remind you of the beauty of life and of your own indomitable spirit. And I hope that as you follow the adventures of my brave young raven you may see your own challenges and dreams portrayed – and your own triumph as you give the gift that is yours to give.

Again, please share this post and help me spread the word about the free download.

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