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How my big challenge boosted my confidence

Sometimes, when we take on a new challenge, especially if we are getting into an area where we are not too comfortable in the first place, we really do wonder at times if we will succeed. But how good it feels when we follow that little voice in our heart saying, “You can do it. Trust your own unconquerable spirit, and know that the people you need to help you will appear when you need them.”

I bought a new computer five days ago. I didn’t have much choice really. I put it off as long as I could, mind you, because computers are not my strong point. I’m an artistic kind of fellow, I suppose, more at home writing a poem than penetrating the mysteries that make a computer work.

But I’m here to say I’m so happy that computers do work and are part of my world. They make my world so much richer, fuller, and more interesting. Computers didn’t exist when my dad was churning out stories for his newspaper on a battered old typewriter. But now they do exist. And they help me talk to you, and listen to you.

Life really does want us to expand our boundaries

My Dell was 10 years old and like an old dog, a beloved pet, it was getting harder and harder for it just to move at all. It was time for something new. But what to buy? What make, what model? Just trying to decide these questions was challenging enough. But that was just the beginning. There was a new version of Word to understand. A new version of Windows to comprehend. There were new programs to install. There were new versions of old programs to install. Many times I thought I had everything set up properly only to discover there was a whole big piece I hadn’t even thought of yet. And so it went. And so it went.

But here’s what I want to share with you. As I sit here this morning, writing my first post on my new computer, I’m filled with so much joy, because this challenge has boosted my confidence. I realize more strongly than ever before that life really does want us to expand our boundaries, regardless of our age. It wants us to keep creating a more fulfilling, happy life for ourselves and our world no matter what.

I’ll be honest with you. Using this computer is like driving down the road in a Cadillac (not that I’ve ever done that, mind you) compared to riding in the back of a battered old pickup.

And so it comes down to this. Life is good. Life is very sweet. Life really does want to bless us, and lead us to a richer, more abundant life. But we have to play our part. We have to keep listening to the wisdom of our own heart. We have to keep going even though part of us might like to quit, or we wonder if we can really do this thing, or if it is really all worthwhile.

We have to be willing to change our mind

We have to be willing to change our mind every now and again. To accept a new direction, or new “facts on the ground.” But most of all – we have to keep trusting our own unconquerable spirit.

I’m so happy to be sharing these few thoughts with you sitting at the wheel of a very elegant, very beautiful machine. My hat goes off to all those people, probably in many different parts of the world, who helped to make this beautiful computer possible. My hat goes off to all those gifted and kind people who, on the telephone for the most part, have helped me get my new computer set up and running properly.

What are your big challenges?

And my hat goes off to you. What are your big challenges? Whatever they are, my love is with you as you move forward with your life. May God bless you and keep you safe. I would love to hear any thoughts or experiences you may wish to share.

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