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The calm after the storm

Life can, and does throw some hard things at us at times. But I have discovered, like so many, that there’s a rhythm in the way life works.

Yes, difficult, wrenching times come to us all. But if we persist through our challenges, and trust our own unconquerable spirit, we are led, with absolute certainty, to a deeper experience of peace and well-being that perhaps would have been unimaginable to us before.

Take the time I set out on my first cruise in a small sailboat from Victoria, B.C., many years ago, for example.

I had a preview of the way this remarkable rhythm works when a strong headwind blew up and took me by surprise.

It was a scary time. Yet less than two hours later, the wind died away and I entered the safety of a beautiful cove. The water was as smooth and calm as velvet as I sailed deeper into the cove with the barest hint of a breeze. I was overwhelmed with the magic and peace of the moment.

There was no other boat in sight. There was just me, the smooth surface over which I was gliding, and the stars that were beginning to appear in the night sky.

I had never felt such peace in my whole life. I felt as if God himself had reached down to bless me, and I knew that my passion to discover the truth of life was not in vain.

There is a place of perfect peace in each one of us that nothing can harm or disturb. It is waiting for you in this very moment.

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Picture credit: by dropsixty

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