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Life’s big questions

Got a moment to think about some “big questions?”

For example, do you believe your soul is evolving and growing in this life, so it can return another day a little bit wiser as a human, a chimpanzee or a fish? I don’t. Why should I? What I experience more deeply every day — one of the reasons I love aging so much — is how at the core of my being I am timeless. My spirit is the same today as it was last year or when I was two years old.

I do need to grow, mind you. But here’s the growth that I find is needed in my own life.

I need to grow so I can reveal more of the masterpiece that I am, the masterpiece we call love.

My take is that nothing can enhance the love that we are and nothing can diminish it and it doesn’t need more schooling, thank you. What it does need, as I say, is to be given clearer and more accurate expression in our lives.

Another thing I don’t believe is the idea that death is final. Again, why should I? Sure, my body dies. But I sense I am more than my body. I sense I’m a spiritual being, the same as you. We are boundless. We are already free. We are not bound by these limited earthly dimensions.

I learn anew each day that I am most happy, and fulfilled, when I express the love that is in me and savor this unique human life I have been given while I have the chance.

Our body is a miracle. It is unique, never to be duplicated. It is made so we can give our gift to the world. Let me love my body. Let me enjoy my life. Let me expand my boundaries and participate as fully as possible in life’s urge to expand and create and make all things new. Let me savor the magic of little moments. My visits to the gym, my walks with my wife, chatting with the server at the coffee shop.

Above all, let me never forget the timeless truth at the core of us all that has power to set every one of us free.

I send my love and I’d love to hear from you. If you enjoyed this post, please consider sharing it with a friend.

Photo credit:by @Doug88888

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