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We can all be a teacher at any age

I wish for you what I wish for myself. That as long as I am here in this particular body — a body that will be 80 next May, I remind myself occasionally with wild disbelief — I share my wisdom and my gift as fully as I can.

Sometimes, as we get older — and who among us is not getting older — a feeling of meaninglessness or despair may grab us and shake us by the neck.

What am I doing here? What’s the point of it all? Will I feel my life was really worthwhile when I die?

And this is okay. It’s okay that these feelings come up. In fact it’s probably good for us, regardless of our age, to feel confused at times, unsure of our purpose or where our passion lies. It gives us a chance to penetrate deeper into what IS our mission and our destiny.

Recently, as I’ve been doing this questioning, a light has come on in my mind. I’m here to teach. I’m here to share the wisdom I have learned through the vicissitudes and joys of my life — the wisdom that flows fresh and pristine from our heart as we learn to listen. I am here to share the love that is in my heart.

Some objections have come up in my mind as I think of myself as a teacher. And since these objections, or variations on them, may arise in your experience also, I will touch on them here.

 1. I couldn’t be a teacher, I’m too ordinary.

 Yes, I am ordinary. No one could be more ordinary than me. And yet paradoxically the vision of beauty, truth and possibility that I carry in my heart — that has been with me since I was born — just as it has been with you — is not ordinary.

We all can be a teacher, and we all are a teacher, regardless of our age. But what I see is the possibility and the need to let our message be made vulnerable and pure like the flower at the beginning of this post, yet sharpened like a beautiful sword of old. That we may share together in letting the experience of true freedom be enhanced in ourselves and in others. 

2. I’m too busy trying to survive, I don’t have time for something new.

The whole world is trying hard to survive, but we live in an extraordinary time. Not only is conflict and despair accelerating — so is integrity, courage and compassion. Do you feel you have more to offer in life than you have thus far been able to offer? Are you experiencing a new sense of possibility in your life? Do you long to create greater well-being and abundance? I would love to hear from you.

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Photo credit: Bahman Farzad

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