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Lots of surprises in Mexico

JoAnn and I visited Mexico for the first time last week, and what a wonderful, magical visit it was. We stayed at the Dreams Resort and Spa just south of Puerto Vallarta, which incidentally, we highly recommend.

Three highlights for me were these. First, the warm, hospitable nature of the people. It was a real pleasure to relate to them — and their dignified spirit.

Second, I must mention Igor the iguana. I don’t know if that is his real name, mind you, but it seems as suitable a name as any. JoAnn and I were having lunch in a little outdoor restaurant overlooking the sea at Dreams when a lady stood up at a nearby table and began to walk toward us. She was saying something to us while at the same time pointing downward toward our feet.

Perhaps she wanted to warn us in case we would be startled. In any case, we looked down, puzzled — and there was Igor motionless on the deck about 6 inches from our feet staring up at us with beady little eyes. He was the first iguana I had ever seen. I’d guess he was nearly 2 feet long from head to tail.

We had been completely unaware of the creature’s presence. Cameras were clicking at surrounding tables as I stared in utter fascination at this visitor from another planet. I have to admit that the world seemed to stand still as my mind processed this extraordinary sight.

Igor stayed with us for quite a while, perfectly still and content — head turning a little from side to side once in awhile –so we could get to know him (or her) a bit better. 

Then a dream came true when I finally saw a humpback whale and its baby up close in the warm ocean waters of Banderas Bay. We followed at a respectful distance in a 50 foot sailboat for more than an hour.

What magic to watch the two whales, one large, one small, as they swam peacefully through the ocean. How graceful they were, underwater for awhile, then coming to the surface in a graceful arc every few minutes to breathe the same air we were breathing before plunging back beneath the depths. A couple of times the baby leaped out of the sea like a happy child.

I was able to sit next to Manuel, the captain, as he steered the boat, and share with him and others  in the excitement of watching for whales. It was an especial pleasure to meet Brian, a young member of the crew from Minnesota who has made a new life for himself in Puerto Vallarta, learning to speak fluent Spanish, marrying a local girl, and raising a family. The obvious friendship between him and the rest of the crew was a pleasure to behold. 

We are very thankful for our visit to Mexico, and the opportunity to meet people and creatures of a different culture who share the same elemental connection with life and truth that we all share.

I send you greetings and love and as always, would love to hear from you anytime about anything. Be well.

Photo credit: Aaronaeus photographicus


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