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The true gift of Christmas


Jesus, it is written, came to earth to bring a gift. The gift of light. The gift of love. The gift of truth.

You and I also came to earth to bring a gift — the same gift. It is the gift of our own pristine spirit, the eternal, compassionate, loving spirit that is the true birthright of each one of us.

It is this spirit — that according to the record, shone so brightly in Jesus — that we celebrate with particular joy and passion in this holiday season.

Yes, our bodies age. They decline and diminish in their power as the years go by.

But this glorious spirit of which I speak — the birthright of us all — has no part in aging. It is as fresh and radiant and life-giving in this moment as it was at any moment in the past.

It never loses its luster. It is unchanged from age to age. Only the forms through which it finds expression experience the phenomenon we call birth and death.

I am not a religious person, but I am a spiritual person. And if the season we call Christmas has meaning, which it certainly does, potentially at least, it is this.

It is an opportunity to remember the profound, inalienable truth of our own immortal spirit.

Our bodies — and perhaps this just as well, really, when you stop to think about it — are not going to live forever. But in all the history of our race, who has been able to destroy, change, or diminish this brave, wise, compassionate spirit that is the birthright of us all?

I wish you joy this holiday season and a magical, truly fulfilling New Year. If you enjoyed this message please consider sharing it with a friend.

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