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Something calling to you


There is something in you that is not troubled in the least by the various challenges and upheavals of your life. No matter what has happened to you — or is happening to you now — it is untouched and unharmed by any of it.

Good times come and good times go. You meet someone who makes your life complete, or maybe you lose someone you loved with a passion. You achieve a dream you were following for many years, or perhaps you wake up one morning and realize your life is empty and always has been.

But this silent presence within you is unmoved by any of it. It shines like the sun. It’s at peace. It doesn’t move, it doesn’t change. It’s not going somewhere, and it didn’t come from somewhere either. It’s like a seed planted in the earth, waiting to be born into a flower, or a tree, or a new world. And the only word I can think to describe it is love.

This love that is in us was never born, and will never die. It is the source of everything but here’s the interesting thing. It has never once lost its faith in you. It knows why you are here, and amid all the trials and tribulations of your life, it has never once deviated in its love for you.

Shh. Be still. Listen. Can you hear something calling to you amid the hustle and bustle of your daily routine? It’s love, your own true nature, and it wants to be free. It wants you to be free too. It wants to come out of hiding and set the whole world free.

Its time has come and it’s on the move. It has its own agenda for this world and it doesn’t really care about our political persuasions or cultural persuasions or religious persuasions. It’s love, and you’d better believe it is not going to be defeated.

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